Artisan Impact: 2016 Collection

Artisan Impact
  • Kaylee Menard Designer & Photographer
  • Elle Arad Model & Assistant
Art Direction
Print & Digital Catalogue

In 2016, Artisan Impact launched a collection of stunning meditation rings, statement rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets. The collection would need to be photographed for promotional materials and online product listings.

Using on-site props and lighting, the collection was first shot in groupings based on type of jewelry and semi-precious stones and then, in various combinations, it was photographed being worn by a model. These shots would serve multiple purposes; they would function as promotional images and web banners.

Once the more elaborate photos were complete, one by one, each new piece was photographed in a styled setting, followed by capturing various angles on a white background for online listings. In post production, batch editing was employed for white balancing, matching exposure levels and cropping.